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Recording Drums With Steve Albini

In 2017 I visited Steve Albini's Chicago studio, Electrical Audio, with the intention of recording drums, and in doing so, I wanted to scrutinise every microphone in order to gain accurate insight into Steve's techniques with regards to selection, placement and processing. I also wanted to directly compare the sound of the live room to that of the dead room in Studio B. It was a fantastic experience.

Transformer - "Do For You" [Third Circle Recordings]

Transformer combine heavy dance music grooves with a live raw energy. Here they are performing their song "Do 4 U", filmed and recorded at my Brighton studio.

James Gasson Covers Nirvana's "Aneurysm"

As part of an equipment test at my studio in Brighton I recorded two songs by my favourite band, utilising microphone techniques learned in Chicago from Steve Albini. This is one of those songs.

James Gasson - Fantasia Project

This is a project created for my degree course, the idea of which was to replace the soundtrack of a pre-existing piece of footage with original material. My idea was to create the “Punk Rock” version of “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” segment from Disney’s “Fantasia”.

Jennifer Reid - Short Film

For a short photographic film project entitled “4500” for Brighton photographer Jennifer Reid, I composed, performed and recorded a musical accompaniment.

Recording Drums at Third Circle Recordings

A short demonstration of a powerful, lively rock drum sound at my Brighton studio.

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"A bass player friend set my first recording session with James at his studio. I knew nothing of him and he knew nothing of me. We recorded live with him in the same room engineering. He took a diligent while to mike everything up - even so I was expecting spill everywhere, but the recording was to be based on a totally live feel so that was fine. After a couple of tracks I listened to a playback -- no spill, and a great drum, guitar and bass sound. This guy knows what he's doing I realised - he is great at reading what the situation needs and reacting to it - overdubbing, mixing, etc. He understands you have to go that extra mile to get something worth listening to. Just dont try to work with him when I'm desperate for his time!!! Gareth Sager, Guitarist of influential post punk band, The Pop Group
"James was an absolutely invaluable presence due to his understanding of every part of the process from the artistic to the technical. He recognised the goals we were trying to achieve and no job was too big for him in helping us hit those goals. His consistency (regardless of location) and dedication was the key to us completing work that we could be really proud of." Matt Wise, singer and guitarist with Sussex alt country band, Society
"James is never fazed by mixing our projects, even when we throw 30 or 40 channels of madness at him, the mix always comes out gleaming." Michael Bradbury, singer and guitarist of Brighton electro rock trio, Slax
"James was an outstanding student who consistently made excellent recordings, thanks to his keen ears, high standards of work and unwavering attention to detail. You would be crazy not to employ him if you get the chance." Mike Pailthorpe, Senior Tutor and Course Leader - Music Performance and Theatre Department, Northbrook College, Sussex
"James Gasson has been a long time music mentor to me. He's the only producer I've worked with that fully turned my musical fantasies into reality. And he beats the living shit out of the drum kit too! Using a Spinal Tap sound engineering scale he is definitely 11." Genti Aliaj, singer of Brighton electro-rock outfit, Via Tirana